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Dean Dr. Guohua Xu

Prof. Guohua Xu is a National Distinguished Scholar for Agricultural Research in China. He is the Director of Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization in Low-Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, Ministry of Agriculture. Prof. Xu received his PhD from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel for plant science and Master degree for plant nutrition and Bachelor degree from Nanjing Agricultural University. He was a postdoctoral fellow of Weizmann Institute of Science. His research is directed at the plant biotechnological approaches to efficiently using nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in rice, and mycorrhiza molecular signaling in plants.

Office: CRES Building B226 Phone: 025-8439-6246

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Under the leadership of Dean Guohua Xu, administrative units have responsibility for fostering the continued success of CRES. Those offices include:

Office of the Senior Associate Deans

Vice Dean: Dr. Jianwen Zou
Responsibilities: Jianwen Zou oversees the scientific research and graduate student teaching, and assists the Dean Guohua Xu to be responsible for academic program, international cooperation and discipline development.
Office: CRES Building B226 Phone: 025-8439-6246
Office of Academic Programs (CRES Building B201)
Office Phone: 025-8439-5210
Academic Secretary: Huijuan Zhang

Office of Teaching (CRES Building B204, B206)
Office Phone: 025-8439-5620; 025-8439-6696
Graduate Teaching Secretary: Jin Ma
Undergraduate Teaching Secretary: Bei Gao
Office of Student Affairs (CRES Building B208)

Office Phone: 025-8439-6106
Coordinator: Xiaoyu Wan
Assistant: Changqin Li

Assistant: Weiwei Wang

Office of Finance and Administration (CRES Building B216)

Office Phone: 025-8439-5210
Office Administrator: Jun Zhang
Office Coordinator: Lin Chao