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The Innovative Foreign Talents Introduction Program on Biological Research for National Key Discipline of Agricultural Resources & Environment (111 Plan, NAU)

The 111 program is established by the National Key Discipline of Agricultural Resources & Environment at Nanjing Agricultural University, which was approved by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China in 2011. The 111 program aims at fastening international collaborative research in the field of agricultural resource bio-utilization and environmental impacts by highlighting nutrient utilization approaches, high use efficiency and its environmental and climatic impacts. Specifically, the interests of the 111 program focus on solid organic waste bio-utilization and soil micro-ecology, high use efficiency of N/P nutrients and molecular biology, and soil C/N cyclings and global change biology. The 111 program is closely associated with the four provincial and/or ministerial key laboratories at the CRES, NAU. The research team of the 111 program consists of 14 professors from NAU and 11 professors from abroad universities and institutes. The PI of the 111 platform is Professor Qirong Shen, vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University and the abroad co-PI is Professor James M. Tiejie, a fellow of AAS from Michigan State University.

Abroad Scientists Directory




Research field

James M. Tiejie


Michigan State University, USA

Soil microbiology

Anthony J. Miller


John Innes Centre, UK

Molecular biology of plant nutrient

Jorge Vivanco


Colorado State University, UK

Rhizosphere biology

Nigel Crawford


University of California at San Diego, USA

Molecular biology of plant nutrient

Ralf Kaldenhoff


Technische Universit ät Darmstdat

Molecular biology of plant nutrient

Evan Siemann


Rice University, USA

Ecology and global change biology

Aslam Khalil


Portland State University, USA

C/N cycling and global change

Bryan Griffiths


Teagasc, Scotland

Soil biology

Pete Smith


University of Aberdeen, UK

C/N cycling and global change

Alessandro Piccolo


University of Naples Federico II, Italia

Soil organic matter chemistry

Gregory V. Korshin


University of Washington, USA

Environmental pollution chemistry

Background of 111 Plan

“Innovative Foreign Talents Introduction Platform for Disciplines of Universities” (hereafter referred as “111” Plan) was initiated by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China. The objectives of the plan are to implement the national strategy “vitalizing the country through talents” and to facilitate innovation at Chinese universities. The “111 Plan” means to introduce about 1000 distinguished scientists in their respective fields from the top 100 universities and research institutions in the world to work together with the a group of experts in China toward the establishments of about 100 world top innovative disciplinary bases in China. Through collaborating with the top scientists in the world, the Chinese universities will improve their competitiveness in disciplinary construction and scientific research.